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Healthy hair in the salon

and at home

"Healthy hair begins when it’s free from stress. Reduce the chemical overload.

We challenge the artificial norms of professional haircare with formulations that are both effective and gentle. Removing harsh chemicals wherever possible while including natural extracts and active minerals that deliver real benefits." - Original Mineral

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Hair care, gentle on hair and the environment.

Made locally and infused with exotic fruits and seeds of the Australian desert.


Your hair will love O&M


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Colour for everyone

The Matrix professional hair colour range offers a variety of shades and brands to lift and deposit permanent and semi- permanent hair colour. 


Hair Treatments

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  • Helps protect bonds during lightening

  • Maintains expected lift

  • No reformulation needed

  • No additional time needed

  • Helps prevent hair breakage

  • Helps preserve hair fibers

  • Deeply nourishes

  • Hair looks healthier

Protect your hair from everyday stresses.  

Promotes soft, shiny healthy hair​

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